MTC Week Two (Week 2)

Louisa has been gone 16 days already. It’s weird because that’s not really very long but it feels like it. It was great to hear from her this week and get a proper group email and PHOTOS which I can now share with everyone!

Apologies in advance for the strange spelling, I thought about changing it but then it wouldn’t quite be her, you will all no doubt be able to get the gist of it and note how her ever increasing submersion into Spanish is destroying her English brain cells 😉

The group email reads as follows:

Okay guys I hope you are all alive and not too jealous of
the rather kush weather we have been blessed with in spain. When I
finally got to Madrid they forgot to pick me up at the airport which
was awkward and instead of ringing the CCM president I accidentally
phoned the temple president and although he was sympathetic he
transeferred my call to the CCM hahaa! My companion is called Hermana
Lopez and she is ace, she is from california. I have been ill twice, I
got sick with headaches for like 8 days so spent saturday am in bed
but have recovered now and we went proselyting in the park staurday
afternoon which was amazing. On Sunday I gave a talk about Ether 12:27
but based it on the atonement and the story of Derrick Redmond. The
CCM president even quoted me on my talk later and I feel like I am a
celebrity now. I am the only english person here, the rest are american
or spanish or from new zealand and so my accent is a source of great
amusement and so they often get me to say words like “aluminum” and
“yoghurt” and “Mounatin” and “Love” they also do not use the word
bizarre or know what a prawn is…which was weird. My grandma sent me
a parcel and the hermanas loved the english treats and Hermana Stahl
is Swiss and speaks 5 languages, her parents sent her swiss chocoalte
and it is so good! I met Victor and Carlos, for those of you who have
not heard me and Soeur Mckenna talk about them they are some people we
met last year on holiday so it was cool to see them again and I also
met the family who we had dinner with in Murcia as well. We had a
devotional with Elder bednar and it was like a q and a, and let me
tell you. Listen. to. the, spirit, he is your personal teacher, and
study the atonement beacuse it is so key. I love you and but now I am
going to try figure out how to send photos in my remaining 11 minutes,
I will visit a chocolate factory today and did an art gallery last
week. Goodbye and I will write again on Monday x

It was sad to hear that she had been so ill, but I am glad she is feeling better now and was able to go out. She’s had a talk already haha they keep them busy!

Here’s a little extra for you all cropped from our family emails from her:

This week I have been sick
twice, I have had super bad headaches and so I had to sleep all
saturday AM and then I am allergic to tomething here and presidents
wife who is a nurse cannot figure out whta it is because it is
isolated to my face on my jawline, the CCM is great I love love love
to be here and wikl be sad to keave. i keep forgeetting english and we
commintted our 2 investigators to baptism on June 29th!!! They were
such powerful lessons and it was really the spirit that was
testuifying not us! I love you and nit much happened her either, you
could not take photos in the gallery last week but today we are going
to a chocolate factory!!!

It’s great to hear that she already has investigators and baptisms even though she has only been there just over two weeks!

I’m not entirely sure what the CCM is, I’ll try and find out for next week!

I miss talking to my sister constantly, I used to ring her/she me regularly to talk about anything and everything and it is weird that I cannot do that anymore. But I am very grateful for the few minutes I can spend with her each week via email.

A little bit from the email she sent to me was this:

My mission president told me this, testimnoy is a gift and one cannot “lose” a testimony. But God can take it away. we have to work for it and it will be hard
but you can do it!

I had certainly never thought of a testimony that way. That it can be taken from us and isn’t simply lost.

I miss her a lot. But, apart from being ill, she is having a wonderful time and I’m sure blessing many people’s lives.

And now, photo time! She didn’t send too many captions so I’m going to hazard a guess at most of them!

P1000085 (1)
Fountain at the MTC?
An investigator?
P1000098 (1)
With her district
Outside the Madrid Temple with her companion?
The Madrid Temple

She said in her email she would be emailing Monday, I’m guessing this is because her 3 weeks in the MTC run up on Tuesday so she’ll be transferring to her first area. It’ll be nice to hear from her sooner! So if you want to be in touch with her this week, do it before Monday!!!!

Until next time Adios!!!


One thought on “MTC Week Two (Week 2)

  1. Wow sounds really exciting and the possibility of getting her first baptism on her mission is just so awesome how exciting is that!! Really proud of my grand-daughters all of them but particularly Sister Liddicott today!!! The spirit only resides in pure places always works wonders with those receptive of that spirit & what a wonderful example she is to us all. Lots of love & keep on keeping on!! Miss you chick but always in my thoughts. Will send more goodies shortly xxx 🙂


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