The Call

Louisa’s call has finally come! After what felt an eternity of waiting, nearly two weeks ago we found out it had been assigned but we were relying on the postman to bring the letter so we could find out exactly where it was she would be serving for 18 months.

12654208_10208220132408220_2725867305020522863_nShe made a pinboard with a map on where she would pin peoples guesses. She refused to put mine up. I guessed South America, apparently I can’t have that because it is not a country…who knew there were rules to guessing, at least I didn’t guess Earth haha. Anyway when I visited last I made my own label and stuck it on the board. Not that it matters as she isn’t going there anyway, but it’s the principle. Principles are important, everybody else’s guesses got put up 😉

Guessing where she will go

The poor postman has been the target of some bad feeling, at least unknowingly. Will it come on Monday? Maybe Wednesday? Finally arriving yesterday. Louisa was at work but she came home during her lunch break to open it. Luckily I have no university on Thursdays so I was able to google hangout them! Almost as good as being there in person. And nicely for my family it was their half term so everybody was at home to see her open it.

She read the letter so fast I didn’t hear where she was going at first, and of course everyone exploded with “wow” and “cool” so it took a while to hear where she was off SPAIN MADRID. I’m so glad she is going somewhere Spanish speaking, she might actually speak it now haha to other people, she knows lots of Spanish people but she doesn’t particularly enjoy talking to them in Spanish. Also Spain is hot and Louisa needs to be somewhere warm otherwise she will just be a frozen ice cube everyday unable to move.

Where she is going!

She has to report to the Spanish MTC on May 10th (the day before Joshua’s birthday) and rather annoyingly the week after I go back to uni, I think I will have to beg to be excused from some lectures so I can see her to the airport!

Her mission call made me think of the song “The Call” by Regina Spektor, you have probably heard it on the closing credits to the new Prince Caspian movie. I really like this song and it has a lot of pars with Louisa and what she is going to be doing for the next 18 months.

A common “metaphor” in many religions is the battle between dark and light, bad and good etc. Roughly this is what the song speaks about too.

My favourite lines are the closing ones “You’ll come back when it’s over, no need to say goodbye”. It’s no secret that me and Louisa have been deep enemies for most of our lives 😉 So close in age and so similar we fought and fight over anything and everything. Distance has made things better between us, me  being at university means we appreciate each other more when we see each other and the fighting is less. I’m not sure what this new distance will do. Roughly 1,200 miles apart for eighteen months. I know she’ll come back but it will be weird when she is away.

I will miss the random texts and phonecalls. The sending of hilarious and weird memes/pictures we find on pinterest and instagram. I already have one good friend away serving a mission in France Lyon and now another good friend will be going.

Louisa I will miss you. I hope you have a wonderful experience. Can’t wait for November 2017 to come around. I’ll try and forgive you for missing my 21st birthday…who is going to play me that song?